The application of discipline, through a Code of Conduct to maintain an orderly co-existence among educators, learners and parents is never without tense moments, especially when one’s child is involved. This Code of Conduct will evolve in times as teacher, pupils and parents work together. The above Code is compiled in consultation with a number of quality schools and by applying our own professional experience and vision for Hope Fountain, its pupil, teachers and parents. 

While the Code of Conduct is focused on learners, we ask parents to co-operate with us on the following areas:

  • - should you wish to discuss any aspects of the Code of Conduct please don’t hesitate to contact one of the school co-ordinators.
  • - If at any time you feel that your child has been treated unfairly please approach one of the school co-ordinators first to hear the school’s side of the story before being critical in the open forum.
  • - Please do not criticize or undermine a teacher of the school in front of your child. The child will be the most negatively affected with the teacher.
  • - Parents are to check and sign homework diaries, telephone and personal details, as it is sometimes important to reach a parent quickly.
  • - Please be conscientious about providing a note when your child is ill. A doctor’s certificate is expected if a pupil is ill for more than three days or misses an examination or cycle test.
  • - Please make appointments to see teachers before or after school; teachers may not be visited during class time. if an appointment cannot be kept, please inform the teacher timeously.
  • - School matters must be handled at school. Please DO NOT contact staff a home.
  • - Try not to get too personally involved with your child’s performance in team games. Often parents’ over enthusiastic “support” comes across as criticism of a coach or other players. This can be embarrassing and can undermine team moral and cohesion.
  • - Positive co-operation and communication between (often volunteer) coaches an parents in the interests of pupils’ enjoyment of their sport is always a worthwhile goal.